About Us

English is one of the most widely used and most commonly spoken language in the world and happens to be the official language for 54 countries and 27 non sovereign entities. The language has been derived from numerous archaic sources and is vastly complex in nature with a few irregular and eccentric words owing to their unique roots.

About 1 billion people have been estimated to be able to speak the language at least to a rudiment level. Humans are imperfect creatures and owing to the enormous usage of the language it has inadvertently become the source for much imperfection.

That is why NOUNPLUS has been brought to you. NOUNPLUS is an online ‘grammar checker’ that helps you from stumbling and struggling with the language. Unlike its predecessors NOUNPLUS is completely free and does not contain any hidden charges. The objective of this website is to improve the quality of whatever material that is input into it. The site offers complete privacy to the users and no text is saved or is otherwise recorded.

NOUNPLUS has been optimized to help its users in any way possible. Not only does it provide its services for free and is open to all and completely unrestricted, its services are offered on many platforms and is available in ‘app’ form for both android and also versions designed for the iPhone and the iPad.

With NOUNPLUS fretting over content which you may not be certain of will no longer be necessary. It is designed completely for academic and professional purposes. NOUNPLUS helps in making communication more simple and efficient and can also help avoid embarrassing mistakes. Some consider people intellectuals only when they are properly able to define themselves in paper and are able to give form to their thoughts by means of words. This may be an obstacle for some people and

NOUNPLUS will help to remove this problem altogether. Intelligence cannot be faked, however not just being intelligent but sounding intelligent is equally important for the credibility of your opinion.

NOUNPLUS facilitates and removes problems or irregularities with regards to the language and proper grammar in your texts and documents. This tool can also be immensely helpful for those to whom English is a second language rather than their native tongue. On the flip side, even the best of us with an immaculate grasp on the language are barely flawless and NOUNPLUS can help you double check any document of import and to correct the flaws that you may have overlooked.

This tool is an absolute necessity as it makes life much easier to those involved in any field which involves written/typed work. It reduces the fuss about the need for proper grammar as NOUNPLUS doubtlessly provides an upgrade to any text given. It is hassle free and one has to just enter the text and receive a result which points out the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes if any are present.

Unlike man the spell check software was crafted to be infallible and it executes the job perfectly. The software follows a certain set of rules which are designed in such a way that they can accurately spot deviations in the given text.

NOUNPLUS always follows all the rules of framing sentences and provides corrections wherever it is necessary. Accuracy and efficiency are synonymous with NOUNPLUS as it provides the most perfect job possible. NOUNPLUS is better than other similar software’s as not only is it top notch and of the best quality it is also free and safe. There is no worry about compromises of safety let alone plagiarism as far as NOUNPLUS is concerned. In other words it is Safe, secure and of spectacular quality that only money can buy, but in this case without the need for money. NOUNPLUS is dilution. It dilutes a very complex and confusing language into a simple and precise one. In the end its aim is to make your life easier and your job simpler.