Where to Use Do and Does in English Grammar?

Grammar check tools can help you

English undoubtedly is the most popular language of the world. It is considered to be the language of global education and business. In fact, as linguist experts opine English is the only language that binds the entire world in a single tie. Expressing in this language is really simple and lucid. You can do it in different styles if you have a mastery over the language. Just as it is a pleasure to know how to speak and write in a language in style, writing English well is compulsory for those people who does business with rest of the world. Writing English well requires you to have a proper knowledge of its grammar.

Do and does

Yes, the subheading of this section pretty much sums up the core idea! In the course of writing pieces in English you need to make use of the words ‘do’ and ‘does’. People often make a mistake in using these terms. More plainly they are unsure of the grammatical implications of both the terms and hence end up using them in the wrong places. Let us take a look at the functions of both the terms. We will try to understand the usage of both the words in English language and hence the apt places where we can apply the terms. Although the modern grammar check tools can help you much in this context you can just as well know the right style of writing the language.

Using the Grammar checker tool

Where to use

‘Do’ or ‘does’ are terms which are used to convert affirmative sentences into questions. For example ‘You speak Spanish’. This is an affirmative sentence. Now by adding a ‘do’ to the beginning of the question it can become a question – ‘Do you speak Spanish?’ ‘Do’ is added in sentences that has ‘you’, ‘I’, ‘we’, and ‘they’ as the subjects of the sentence. Similarly ‘does’ is a term which is also used at the beginning of an affirmative sentence to convert it into a question. The only difference here is that ‘does’ is used in sentences where the subjects are ‘he’, ‘she’, or ‘it’. Using the Grammar checker tool from nounplus.net to discern the proper application of both the terms is a great idea.

Check with simplicity

Although the rule of using the terms or the words happens to be really simple, yet people often make mistake while actually using the terms. The mistake is more common amongst novices who have just begun writing in English. However this simple mistake can lead to erroneous grammatical construction and hence can spoil the quality of the entire write-up. Hence while checking the grammatical accuracy of a write-up carefully assess the usage ‘do’ and ‘does’ in your writing. These tools are designed so that you can easily check all the spelling and grammatical mistakes you have done. These tools points out all the errors and the typos in your writing and also gives suggestions of correct words in the place of the wrong ones. These grammar checker tools can be useful for anyone writing in English – whether a pro or a novice.

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