Spell Checker 2017

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Spelling mistakes can lower your impression. Whether you are a student and submit assignments or whether you are an office executive and compile documents, spelling errors and punctuation errors can convey a negative impression. Avoid this pitfall. Use Nounplus spell check free. NounPlus free online spell checker is based on intelligent, fuzzy logic algorithms developed and based on an extensive library of English language word spellings as used in various countries. You can use Nounplus spell checker according to region and correct words for the right US or UK based spellings. The intelligent spell checker online has a smart feature to check for contextual spelling to avoid common traps that will escape usual spell checkers in word processing software. For instance, you may use “effect” instead of “affect”. Both words are spelled correctly but the meaning varies according to the sentence. Nounplus spell checker senses the usage and applies the right correction. Further, the same words are used differently in the UK and the USA, which is also factored into Nounplus spell checker. Do not let something as simple as spelling mistakes reduce the impression. Use free NounPlus spell check utility. Just copy and paste text and click on check and all errors are corrected, even grammar and punctuation errors to deliver a polished, perfect rendition. There is no limit to usage. There is no need to register. Open the page and use—it is as simple as that.